Let’s pay a tribute to one of summer’s most celebrated beverages as we sit on the porch or back deck with a tall, chilled glass of iced brew. You might prefer yours infused with lemon, lime, peach or raspberry, or spiced, sweetened, or spiked with something a little extra special. But no matter what, let’s make some time this summer for prime iced tea sipping time!

Savor the tastes and positive health benefits of this refreshing brew…


1. Hibiscus-Pomegranate Iced Tea

If you like your chilled tea a little bit sour and a little bit sweet, you’ll love this exotic blend of a dozen tart hibiscus tea bags brewed with sweet pomegranate juice, and 4 cups each of boiling hot and cold water. Prepare in a crystal clear pitcher so your guests can feast their eyes on the vibrant crimson hue. Serve in tall glasses with ice and lemon wedges.

Hibiscus-Pomegranate Iced Tea

Source: Eating Well


2. Mint-Ginger Iced Tea

This refreshing summer staple really hits the spot when you blend peeled and smashed ginger with mint tea, boiling hot water, and honey. Pour into old-fashioned Mason jar glasses paired with colorful straws. Suddenly you have a vibrant better-than-lemonade stand that your neighbors will be lining up around the block for!

mint ginger

Source: Martha Stewart

3. Lemon-Blueberry Sweet Tea

This sweet tea is full of fresh, summer flavors! Bursting with juicy blueberries, boiled tea bags, and tart lemon juice. Plus, curly lemon rind twists add a refreshing summer flair to the chilled beverage. Make it the signature drink at your next picnic or family potluck.


Source: Southern Living

4. Southern Sweet Tea

If you can’t handle it sweet—get out of the kitchen! That’s what my Granny used to say when she prepared a pitcher of this sweet-as-can-be iced tea made according to true southern standards. And that means 6 regular tea bags brewed with nothing more than a pinch of baking soda, boiling water, cold water, and heaps of sugar.

southern sweet

Source: Food.com

5. Peach Mango White Iced Tea

The sweet, juicy flavor of peaches in peak season make the perfect addition to this peach mango white iced tea. Enjoy the natural flavors of fruit—without the added sugar or artificial sweetener. Plus, white tea is jam-packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants. Be sure to cut up chunks of fresh peaches and mango to add a few pieces as garnish at the end.


Source: The Scrumptious Pumpkin


6. The Arnold Palmer

When it comes to true American classics the best ones are simple and effortless—like Arnold Palmer. The classic beverage is a half and half mix of iced tea and lemonade, named for American golfer, Arnold Palmer, after he ordered it at the 1960 U.S. Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club, in Denver, Colorado. Sip this beverage and spike it with rum, gin, or vodka for the official drink of summertime.

arnold palmer

Source: AllRecipes.com

7. Rhubarb Iced Tea

Sure, rhubarb fresh from the garden can be baked into pies and tarts, but a true summer chiller that hits the spot can be slurped down quick in the form of a rhubarb iced tea. This colorful beverage brings diced rhubarb and 8 cups water to a boil and slow simmer for 1-hour. The bright red liquid is then drained and combined with sugar and fresh mint sprigs. Serve in tall glasses with ice!

rhubarb iced tea

Source: Martha Stewart

8. Fruited Iced Sun Tea

Simply refreshing—that sums up sun tea nicely! If you’ve never enjoyed sun tea, the beverage is lightly, slow-brewed in the summer sunlight. You can use your choice of black or green tea, or a mixture of both for a full serving of diabetes- and cancer-blasting antioxidants. Muddle and mash some fresh summer berries in the bottom of each glass before serving and garnish with a fresh slice of ginger, a sprig of mint, and a slice of lemon.

sun tea

Source: Craving Something Healthy


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