Forget waiting for Cupid to send an arrow into your beloved’s heart—create your own magical love connection with these eight charming Valentine’s Day cocktails filled with the sensual flavors of chocolate, flowers, sugar, and spice.

I promise, it will be love at first sip…

1. Bleeding Heart Martini

And here you thought a shot from Cupid’s bow would warm your heart. Not so with this chilled Bleeding Heart Martini—a cocktail that’s 8-ounces of gin, 2-ounces of dry vermouth, and a beautifully bloody pickled beet skewered with the lover-deity’s own silver bow. You might get a chill all over when this drink is presented to you in a frozen martini glass, but never fear, you’re beau will be happy to warm you up!

bleeding heart

Source: Martha Stewart


2. The Blushing Geisha

For a sensuously exotic Valentine’s Day you need not book a trip to the Asian islands. No, the rare beauty of your love can be captured in a glass—filled with sake liqueur, fresh pomegranate juice, and real rose nectar. Garnish your Valentine’s Day cocktail with lime wedges and colorful, fresh flowers.



3. Romeo and Juliet

Regardless of if you’re from the family Montague or the Capulet brood—your knees will weaken and your heart will melt at the first sip of true love. This fruity cocktail is inspired by a brush with newfound love—in a dreamy combination of tequila, Grand Marnier, Chambord raspberry liquor, and peach juice. Dress with an orange peel and maraschino cherry garnish.



4. Chocolate-Raspberry Truffletini

Like words of love whispered to your sweetheart, this decadent Chocolate-Raspberry Truffeltini cocktail melts off your tongue, into your mouth, and right into your heart. Two ounces of smooth vanilla vodka never tasted so dreamy—shaken with Irish cream, Chambord, coffee and walnut liqueur, and topped with chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries.


Source: Food & Wine

5. The Hummingbird

This Valentine’s Day, why buy your beloved a bouquet of blooms when you can infuse her cocktail with a floral fix of fresh herbs and flowers. The hummingbird symbolizes the lightness of being. Like you and your sweetie together, the tiny hummingbird can accomplish the impossible. Get in the mood for making incredible memories with this classic Tom Collins recipe infused with lavender simple syrup and fresh spears of lavender and violets.


Source: Pop Sugar


6. Love Potion

Seal your Valentine’s Night with a romantic evening of kisses and cuddles thanks to this sinful Love Potion cocktail. Really, it’s a brilliant combination of chilled vodka, amaretto, peach schnapps, and a splash of orange and cranberry juice, but your love may think you’ve cast a spell using your own special charm.

bloody mary


7. Cranberry Crush

The promise of spiced rum and ginger beer will tickle your lips and your fancy…in anticipation of that first sip (and potentially a first kiss as well). The Cranberry Crush cocktail is a tart, flirty concoction made with fresh cranberry juice (not cranberry cocktail) or fresh pomegranate juice, lightly spiced rum, and bubbly ginger beer.



8. Valentine’s Day Cocktail

This cocktail is a gift in itself to the one you love! Follow up a romantic winter walk in the park with a decadent home-cooked meal, and this special Valentine’s Day cocktail. The moment this creamy combination of gin, aperol, lemon juice, Amaro Montenegro, grenadine, and frothy egg white meets your lips—you will be swooning. Top with a freshly ground cinnamon heart as the adorable garnish.


Source: Honestly Yum



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