What are the must-haves at an end of summer soiree? When you’re bidding adieu to summer—at a long weekend family party or grill out with friends—the items of real importance are the crowd-pleasing ice-cold beverages!

Here are eight Labor Day drinks—on the rocks…

1. Summerlin

Nothing sends off summer quite as spectacularly as watermelon infused cocktails. The Summerlin is a sweet elixir of fresh watermelon juice, tangy lemon, fine aged rum, and a black-pepper and floral garnish…over ice, but of course.

Source: Liquor.com


2. Pomegranate Margaritas

Get your Labor Day rocks off with a few pitchers of pure summer, captured in these ruby-red, pomegranate-infused margaritas! Simply pre-mix limeade and pomegranate juice then add tequila and triple sec. Dress with pomegranate seeds and fresh lime wheels.


Source: Delish.com

3. El Diablo

For a Labor Day bevie that draws a crowd with its taste and visual stimulation, look no further than El Diablo, a tequila, ginger beer, and blackcurrant (thanks to the cassis) blend.  Woe guests by keeping half the cassis aside and drizzling it over the drink at the end to create a dreamy purple haze in each glass.


Source: Cocktails.About.com

4. The Bloody Halfback

Bloody Mary’s go part and parcel with Labor Day as well as olives fuse with tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, and a dash of zesty Worcestershire sauce, and fiery Tabasco sauce. This savory cocktail is perfect for an outdoor barbecue.


Source: Drink of the Week

5. Toes in the SANDgria

Nothing says celebration like an end of summer party paired with a sparkling wine-inspired cocktail. This aptly named “toes in the SANDgria” features summer pineapple, lemon, lime, late summer apple, and a sweet, sipping Riesling vintage.

Source: Latina.com


6. Strawberry Moji-Tea

Parents can really appreciate summer’s looming end as they shop for back to school supplies, and ransack the closet for abandoned backpacks, lunch pails, sweaters, and boots. Make some time to toast to the end of summer, with this bubbly, fruity, and refreshing strawberry moji-tea!

Source: HGTV.com

7. Coconut Banana Cooler

Get your white wearing in before Labor Day ends by incorporating the white party theme to some creamy, frozen cocktails at your end of summer, Labor Day bash. This cooler blends sweet banana chunks with coconut and skim milk, thick yogurt, honey, and a squeeze of fresh lime! Delish!


Source: HolidaysCentral.com

8. Blue Polka Dot Bikini Martini

Take a sip of this sunset and Caribbean blue-hued cocktail to whisk you right back to your summer beach vacation. This martini captures summer in a glass—with the tastes of tangy orange, sweet pineapple, and an exotic hint of coconut.

Source: The Slow Roasted Italian


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