After the holiday season is over, you might find yourself piled high with leftovers. This is a great idea for all that leftover mashed potato from after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Reheating mashed potatoes gives a sad meal, but thankfully there are some excellent ways to use them in recipes. Mashed potatoes can make an amazing dough for bread, baked goods, and fried treats. Mashed potatoes are freeze beautifully.

If you find yourself with more left over mashed potato than you can deal with, here’s how to freeze it for later. Our #1 recipe gives this tip: Take a cookie sheet and lay out plastic wrap to cover the pan. Scoop out 1/4 cup amounts of the potato and flatten them like cookies on the sheet. Freeze and toss into a zip top bag when frozen solid. Then when you need some mashed potato for a recipe, you have the pre-measured amount already! Add the frozen pucks to soups and stews for an easy thickener.

Here are 9 amazing recipes for using up leftover mashed potato.

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9. Mashed Potato Croquettes

These delicious potato pancakes are made with 4 cups of mashed potato! They make 6 servings of this┬ádelicious┬áside dish. Sauteed onion is added for flavor. A good tip when using left over mashed potato is make sure it’s properly seasoned, or else it will just be bland. Salt generously to taste!

[Source: Cooking Hussy]

8. Mashed Potato Gnocchi

These amazing Italian dumplings are a relative of pasta. They should be fluffy and light in texture. Serve them with your regular pasta sauce, or with this delicious combination: Saute onion and sage with butter. Cook until the butter is browned and nutty. Toss with the cooked gnocchi and enjoy.

[Source: Food Whine]


7. Mashed Potato Souffle

Impress your family with this beautiful dish. It will be denser than a normal souffle, but delicious all the same. The trick to this dish is whipping the mashed potato well. This would be great topped with sour cream, bacon, and green onion.

[Source: Bella Online]


6. Cheesy Roasted Garlic Potato Balls

These little croquettes have a creamy filling with a crispy outside. They are flavored with Gruyere cheese, but feel free to substitute old cheddar. Panko bread crumbs are used to ensure a crisp exterior.

[Source: Lives Ambrosia]


5. Mashed Potato Puffs

These adorable potato bites have a rich, creamy filling. They are flavored with Parmesan, chives, and ham. This is a great recipe for using up your left over ham too!

[Source: The Kitchn]


4. Spicy Shepherds Pie

This warming dinner is a great weeknight meal. It freezes beautifully and just needs to be popped in the oven and you’re done! Ground beef is mixed with chili fixings, like beans and corn. It’s topped with the mashed potato and coated in cheese.

[Source: My Family Meal Plan]


3. Irish Potato Cakes

This quick bread recipe takes half an hour from start to finish. They make perfect sandwich buns, or bread rolls for dinner. The key is self-rising flour, which cuts down on the steps. The author recommends flavorful mashed potatoes for this recipe, so butter and cream are your friend here.

[Source: Do What I Know]


2. Mashed Potato Frittata

This delicious egg dish is perfect any time of the day. It makes a great breakfast when it’s hot out of the oven. Serve it cold for lunch or dinner and you’ll be surprised at how tasty it is. The potato and egg make a great custard texture filling.

[Source: Weelicious]


1. Mashed Potato Buns

These fluffy and rich buns are flavored with mashed potatoes. They’re quick to make and come out perfect every time. An electric mixer makes this recipe even easier!

[Source: Cookistry]

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