Are you after a Fourth of July picnic or pot luck dish that will make a bigger impact than the fireworks?

The following nationalistic fare will show your Independence Day pride and satisfy the appetites of even the most patriotic of crowds. Savor our summer-fresh red, white, and blue Fourth of July recipes…

1. American Flag Cake

Take a bite out of a real patriotic dessert—one thick slice into this moist red, white, and blue patriotic flag cake will take your Independence Day celebrations into Oooos and Ahhhs territory! This white cake dyed the colors of the American flag will have all of your guests standing at full national salute, trust us!

Source: All Recipes

2. Sweet-and-Savory Burgers

Not only are these classic burgers served up on crusty buns topped with a mini U.S. flag—the patties are equal parts sweet and spicy thanks to a tangy Asian-inspired glaze made with juicy grilled pineapple, spicy jalapeño jelly, zesty chilies, and sweet Vidalia onions.


3. Patriotic Gelatin Salad

This red, white and blue spangled salad will surely make a BIG BANG at your family holiday barbecue.  Not only does it play on the patriotic heartstrings, it offers a cool, creamy slice of fruity hued American stripes that everyone will be proud to enjoy.

Source: Taste of Home

4. Patriotic Beet & Potato Chips

Serve up crunchy summertime snack that’s worthy of a truly patriotic crowd. These beet and potato chips offer a satisfying homemade crunch thanks to deep-fired-crispy white and purple potatoes as well as finely sliced beets!


5. Fourth of July Soda Floats

You can’t get anymore refreshing and festive than these Fourth of July soda floats, with an extra dash of patriotism thanks to a creamy blend of lemon and honey ice-creamy goodness, strawberry and blueberry syrup, fresh assorted summer berries, whipped cream and gold-star candy sprinkles on top!

Source: Betty Crocker

6. Red, White, Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hail to the flag and hail to the chef—especially when you grace the crowd with these cool red, white, and blue strawberry and blueberry adorned ice cream sandwiches. Each cold Sammie is vanilla hard serve between two shortcake biscuits topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries and a gracious dollop whipped cream!

Source: Southern Living

7. Strawberry, Blueberry & Jicama Salsa

Looking for more nutritious holiday fare? Luckily, you can show your pride and take patriotic colors from nature, like with this red, white, and blue salsa made with seasonal fresh blueberries, strawberries and jicama, chopped cilantro, diced red onion, jalapeno pepper, and zesty juice of lime. Serve alongside assorted tortilla chips and crackers.


8. Watermelon-Blueberry Ice Pops

Don’t be afraid to show some national pride—even if you do get a bit hot and bothered. Why? These simple yet thirst-quenching ice pops will cool down even the most fervent and devoted Americans with nutritious ingredients like fresh blueberries and seedless watermelon!


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