Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and there’s no better time than now to start planning. When it comes to impressing that special someone in your life, there’s one no-fail method that works every time – homemade desserts!

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day desserts is cupcakes! Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? They’re incredibly easy to make and there are endless ideas for making them unique and personal.

To help you come up with sweet ideas this year, we’ve scoured the web for the best Valentine’s cupcakes we could find.

Check out these 7 easy Valentine’s Day cupcake ideas and make V-Day 2013 one to remember!

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1. Heart-Filled Valentine’s Cupcakes

These vanilla bean cupcakes really have heart. Cut or bite into one to see how much love went into them. The best part: they’re surprisingly simple. And if your sweetheart happens to be a chocolate fan, you could just as easily bake your heart into some chocolate cake batter.


2. X and O Cupcakes

X’s and O’s are symbols for hugs and kisses and what better way to tell your sweetheart you love them than with cupcakes coated in X’s and O’s. These delicious cupcakes will put a smile on everyone’s face this year.


3. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love red velvet? Whether you’re baking treats for your husband, wife or kids, these delightful cupcakes will brighten their day. Decorate them with little heart biscuits to add some extra flair to your celebration.


4. Chocolate Message Cupcakes

These intricate cupcakes are the perfect way to tell someone you love them. The hardened chocolate messages (you can be creative with your words) are the perfect way to say what’s on your mind while delivering your sweetheart a special treat.


5. Bee Mine Cupcakes

Looking for a fun and lighthearted way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? These adorable Bee Mine cupcakes are the perfect treat for kids – or relationships just starting to bloom.


6. Easy Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Icing and Sprinkles

These beautiful cupcakes are ideal for novice bakers who aren’t as confident in the kitchen. All you have to do is follow the package of traditional chocolate cupcakes and add some bright pink icing and sprinkles and you have a Valentine’s dessert everyone will love.


7. Little Monster Valentine’s Cupcakes

We saved these little guys for last because they’re definitely the best. The cute little monster cupcakes are perfect for kids and are especially ideal if you’re making a batch of cupcakes for the special man in your life. He’ll appreciate the light-heartedness (and deliciousness) of these delectable treats!


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