If your mom takes the cake like mine does, then treat her to something really special this Mother’s Day.

Choose from one of the following nine cakes…made with love and your never-ending adoration:

1. Fresh Coconut Layer Cake

This light, white, heavenly coconut layer cake will make mom swoon with joy.  The perfect combination of coconut and vanilla put a sweet touch to the end of her special dinner.

Source: Style at Home

2. Damson Sponge Cake

If you’ve never heard tell of damson, you’re in for a treat! This puree made out of small, sweet-tart plums is commonly used in fruit preserves. Here, it’s nestled between layers of moist sponge cake and fluffy whipped cream.

Source: AllAboutYou.com

3. Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Show mom that she’s the chocolate to your peanut butter with this sinfully, fun delicious take on a super filling cheesecake recipe. Not to mention it’s covered with glossy chocolate glaze…slurp!

Source: Martha Stewart

4. Daffodil Cake

As beautifully scented as it is visually gorgeous, this orange-inspired springtime cake is everything that’s light and whimsical about the season. Moist cake covered in sweet orange-rind cream cheese glaze, you can pick fresh flowers from mom’s garden to decorate this beauty!

Source: Delish.com

5. Strawberry Éclair Cake

Full of fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate this cake is literally like a giant chocolate éclair.  Good thing that fresh strawberries are in season for Mother’s Day!

Source: What’s Cooking America

6. Lemon Geranium Cheesecake

A spring-inspired cheesecake, graced by geranium leaves, actually cuts the sweetness and richness of this otherwise heavy cake. Plus, you can add some personal flair with fresh and colorful spring petals.

Source: GoodtoKnow.com

7. Black Forest Gâteau

What’s cherry-filled with chocolate and cream all over? This traditional Black Forest cake—or gateau, if you want to get really fancy!  It will certainly be the showpiece on your Mother’s Day dinner table.

Source: BBC Food

8. Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

Maybe a mid-afternoon luncheon is more mom’s cup of tea! And tea time is the ideal occasion to serve up thick slices of this fragrant blueberry coffee cake, topped with crunchy, sweet pecans.

Source: Taste of Home

9. Carrot-Almond-Orange Cake

Mom’s mouth will water at the sight and smell of this delectably moist carrot cake, infused with tart orange rind, chopped almonds, and a tangy cream cheese icing.

Source: Taste.com

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