With the big game all set for Sunday, the latest battle on the field calls for a serious party with momentous snacks on the table! That’s why we’ve spared no expense hunting for the most creative and tasty, beer-infused recipes that will be sure to satisfy your pig-skin hungry guests.

Here are seven game day, beer-inspired recipes…

1.Three-Chile Beef & Beer Chili

Nothing calls for a victory dance more than a pot of spicy, hearty, beer-infused chili. Give your guests that warm comfort feeling (even if they’re favorite team isn’t victorious) by serving up steaming bowls of chili con carne—made with 3 kinds of spicy chilies, minced garlic and onions, ground beef, smoky bacon, coffee, and your favorite stout beer.

2.Soft Beer Pretzels

Beer and pretzels literally go together, in this soft pretzel recipe—made with amber beer, active dry yeast, and butter. Each large pretzel makes the perfect food for eating while cheering on your favorite quarterback. Topped with coarse sea salt, you can provide honey and Dijon mustard, and barbecue sauce for dipping!

3.Beer Marinated Chicken Wings

These no-fuss beer marinated chicken wings promise MVP status as far as a finger food that will have your guests licking their fingers and diving in for more. Wings are a SuperBowl essential, particularly when they bring beer (we recommend a nutty brown ale, like Newcastle) and chicken together on one playing field…I mean platter!

4.Bock Beer Macaroni and Cheese

This recipe comes straight from the beer-maker—from one craft beer lover to another. Classic macaroni and cheese gets a creative spike when it’s made with traditional elbow macaroni, lots of creamy butter,

velvety cream cheese, sharp American cheddar cheese, tangy Parmesan cheese, shredded fontina cheese, smoked provolone cheese, crushed bacon-cheese flavored pretzels, and dark German bock beer.

5.Beer-Candied Bacon

The perfect mix of smoky, spicy, sweet, and salty never tasted so divine. It’s almost sweeter than a touchdown in the final seconds of the big game! This beer candied appetizer won’t last long, tempting guests with it’s crispy-sweet, brown sugar, beer glaze. We recommend using a hearty stout for a nutty finish.

6.Pull Apart Pretzel and Beer Cheese Dip

Your guest will be screaming “touch down” when they sample this one-pan, pull apart pretzel and cheesy beer dip recipe. Salty, fluffy, and warm pretzel bites encircle a gooey cream cheese, melted cheddar cheese, Monterrey Jack cheese, ranch dressing, chopped onion, and Guinness-infused dip to die for.

7. Death By Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

Sit back and watch the halftime show with a really decadent treat! There’s nothing frilly or fancy about these dense and moist chocolate beer-infused cupcakes topped with more a chocolate whisky frost. These cupcakes are the ideal balance of sinfully sweet and salivating savory…a dessert worthy of Superbowl Sunday!


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