With Christmas coming, your children may be invited to bring food for their class Holiday party. You could be asked to bring something specific, or the teacher could leave it up for you to decide. Chances are you’ll only find out about it the night before! We came up with 6 great Christmas party snacks that your kids will be proud to bring to their class. The best part is they all can be made very quickly, so they’re great for those rushed school nights.

1. Homemade Christmas Cheese Crackers

These crackers are made with cheese and whole wheat flour and are packed with a ton of flavor. They taste just like goldfish crackers, but you know exactly what’s inside these. Use holiday-themed cookie cutters to make these even more festive.

This Christmas, skip the prepackaged grocery store treats and try making your child’s favorite snacks at home. You may even find they prefer it to the store bought version!

2. Christmas Pretzel Treats

These one bite snacks have a great sweet/salty combination. Use red and green M&M or Smarties to decorate these bites. They take less than 10 minutes to make.

If you want to make this peanut free, definitely opt for Smarties, or top with a Hershey kiss! Kids will love grabbing a handful of these Christmas treats!

3. Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

The vegetable platter can be boring to take to a party, so add some imagination with this great Christmas tree shape. Use broccoli as the leaves and cauliflower as the snow. Trick the kids into eating their greens with this cute party snack.

You can also serve this platter with some dip in a festive Christmas dip bowl for added flavor and Christmas themed fun!

4. Reindeer Sandwiches

Turn a boring sandwich into a cute reindeer with the use of miniature pretzels. Use condiments, raisins, or chocolate to make the eyes. The red nose can be made from dried cranberries, jam, or a red chocolate.

Keep the sandwiches peanut butter free if you’re taking them to a school party. You can sub in jam, soya spread or cream cheese in the place of peanut butter.

5. Strawberry Santa Claus

These super cute Santa’s are made from strawberries and whip cream. If these treats are being sent to school and won’t be refrigerated, your best option is to use a fake whipped product. That way you know the whipped cream won’t go bad before they eat it.

Another option for the strawberry filling is greek yogurt if you want a healthier twist on this Christmas themed snack. If sugar is an option, try using some cake icing as well as it doesn’t go bad as quickly as cream cheese.

6. Snowman Juice Boxes

If your child’s teacher has assigned what treat each child should bring, you might be stuck with drinks. It can be hard to think of something creative to do with juice boxes, but we love these snowmen. It’s such a simple idea but they look adorable.

7. Watermelon Christmas Trees

Christmas time is filled with piles of sweet treats for adults and children alike. Provide your child with a fun and festive snack to bring to their Christmas party at school that doesn’t add to the pile of unhealthy options.

Simply cutting a watermelon into the shape of a Christmas tree is not only a really wonderful way to theme a fruit, but it also provides a handy little stump for the kids to hold onto while they eat. Creative and functional!

8. Santa Hat Cupcakes

Whether you are using fondant to create a detailed Santa hat or regular frosting for a more crafty look, this cupcake will be a hit at any Christmas school party.

Have your student line the base of the hat with marshmallows while you add a tower of icing for the hat. You can also add some round white sprinkles for a little snow!

9. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie Cups

How adorable are these cookie cups? They may take a little more time than the average cookie for a school party, but they’ll keep your little ones very busy after school which is always a good thing.

Let your kids pick out the design and sprinkles for the mugs so they can make them their own. Their classmates will love munching on these mini cups of cocoa!

10. Santa Clause Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Squares are an easy holiday dessert to send to school with your little students, and you can easily make them festive and fun! Use a little food coloring to create red and black blocks of Rice Krispie Squares, and then use white icing for the belt!

You can expand on this design with black jelly beans for Santa’s boots and a little more white icing if you want Santa’s jacket to be lined with some white fur!

11. Candy Cane Hearts

These no-mess candy cane hearts are simple and quick to make and are a great treat to send to school with your little one in individual baggies for their classmates to bring home for the holidays.

You can also create these hearts to be attached to Christmas cards for a personal touch for your friends and family.

12. Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies are so simple, but somehow we haven’t thought of this before! Instead of cutting your brownies into squares, cut them into triangles and let your kids decorate their own Christmas tree!

If you are visiting your child’s classroom over the holidays, you can also see if the teacher wants to make this treat into a fun Christmas party activity. Kids will stay focused on creating a masterpiece if they know they can eat it after.

13. Easy Snowman Cupcakes

This is a great recipe for families on the run who need to send a treat to school for Christmas but don’t have time to make individual Cocoa cookies! These cupcakes are easy yet still, Christmas themed and visually pleasing.

Simply ice a chocolate cupcake with white icing, dip in crystal sprinkles and finish with chocolate chips for the face with one butterscotch chip for the nose.

14. Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

Are you simply not the baking type? Does everything come out burned and your whole kitchen is a mess before you have something ready for your child’s Christmas party at school?

Skip the stress and have your kids work on creating some fun reindeer using pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom poms from the dollar store. It’s simple, inexpensive and super fun!

15. Christmas Marshmallow Pops

This is one of those treats that looks way more impressive than it actually is. The best part is, it is kid friendly to make because the messier the chocolate drizzles, the better it looks!

Add three large marshmallows to a candy stick, dip in melted chocolate and finish with colored white chocolate drizzled on top. They will be ready in no time and will definitely be a hit at school.

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