So, basically this is a gift guide for everybody you’ve ever met in the history of time. However there is a special place in this world for the pizza enthusiast. Maybe you know one. If so, shopping is made easy as a pizza pie with this little slice.

1. Merry Crustmas Sweatshirt

The true meaning of Christmas.

2. Home Is Where The Pizza Is Doormat

Warm welcomes are best if the warm refers to melted cheese on pizza.

3. Cuizen Pizza Box Oven

Homemade pizza, right from the box!

4. Friendship Pizza Necklaces

Nothing says “squad goals” better than a pizza slice around you and your friends necks. That’s love.

5. Pizza Leggings

The ultimate in comfort food, and comfort wear.

6. Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

Sweet dreams are made of cheese…and pepperoni…and crust….

7. String Of Pizza Lights

That sweet twinkling of Christmas lights, a cherished sight that can be made hot and fresh all year round.

8. Pizza Scissors

The perfect slice, every time.

9. Pizza Gift Wrap

If it’s not pizza on the inside, it should be pizza on the outside.

10. Pizza Cocoon Blanket

If ever you could wrap yourself in the warmth of pizza…oh wait, you can.

11. Pizza Onesie

This is slowly turning into a list of ways to wear pizza…

12. Pizza Reheating Tray

There are few things worse than a soggy crust with a day old reheated slice of pizza. Spare your loved ones.


13. Giant Adult Sized Bean Bag Chair

You are the master of your domain, pizza in hand – on your throne of champions.


14. Pizza Sunglasses

For the die hard fan/geek/sunglasses-at-night-wearer.

15. Portable Pizza Pouch

This is actually a thing.

16. Pizza Scented Candle

Ah yes, the smell of false hope. Wafting pizza in the air, with no pizza for eating. A true pizza enthusiast would be ok with this, knowing full well that there is always hope for pizza.

17. Pizza Phone Case

For every millennials needs – a phone, and pizza.

18. Pizza Cufflinks

For those special occasions, to remind them of their true love in this life.

19. Custom Made Pizza Board

For the person on your gift list that actually cares about the presentation of pizza, and that not being just how good looking the pizza delivery guy is.

20. Pizza Ring

With this ring – I give you my whole heart, for your whole pizza.

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